Who Are the Migrants in Michonne’s Last Episode?


Walking Dead represents another large group of survivors on Sunday 1013, What We Will Become, an episode with the departure of Michonne Dana Gurira. After sailing to Bloodsworth Island to look for weapons, Virgil (Kevin Carroll) said he could turn the tide in the whisper war. Michonna searched with an empty head the washed boat where she – spoilers – found objects by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), including his boots and a cell phone on which Rick was marked with an image of Michonn and Judith’s daughter (Kaylie Fleming). When she went ashore with three prisoners (Olivia Stambulia, Eve Gordon and Taylor Nichols), she was released from a naval base on Bloodsworth Island, Michonne, and then went north in search of the missing person.

What we have become with Michonne’s return to the coast and her journey alone, faced with a few bachelors (Breeda Wool and Andrew Bachelor) who are in danger of being abandoned by the thousands of survivors who gather on the caravan. Wherever they roam, the woman says they won’t wait for us.

Determined to help them, Michonne joins the two survivors who follow the migrants, who seem to be moving in an organized order.

(Photo: AMC)

The clothing of Western travellers could be a sign that the migrants have a bond with the Pioneers, a large group led by the Colby Minifie, also known as Virginia. Jeannie, for fear of the undead. In season 5, the fallout showed that the far-reaching and forward-looking Guinness organization consists of numerous colonies scattered across the West, with cowboys mainly riding in Texas.

The already well-equipped group was able to expand in more than six years, separating season 5 Fear from season 10 March to death.

(Michonne meets new survivors. Photo: CMA)

Whether the pioneers have ties to the elusive Georgie (Jane Atkinson), a Hilltop patron who runs a community somewhere far from Virginia with Maggie Ree (Lauren Cohan), Jeannie’s group is not an extension of the Civil Republic Army or the CRM, the shadowy organization that Rick hijacked in one of their helicopters in season 9 of Walking Dead.

CRMs are actively involved in the Walking Dead campaign: The Afterlife wants to expand the mythology of the TWD universe, which will soon expand with the inclusion of the Commonwealth in season 10 of Walking Dead.

(Ginny and the Pioneers. Photo: AMC)

The Commonwealth, the CRM, the Georgians, the pioneers and now these migrants are just some of the many mythologies that connect the world of the Walking Dead.

No matter how big the story, we don’t want it to be the Walking Dead. I think things will be super cool and people will dig them up, but The Walking Dead are the undead and Fear the Walking Dead is the fear of death, content manager Scott Gimple told EW earlier.

It looks like they’re not going to touch it anymore, but it’s important that they have their own stories, Gimple says. We are developing other mythologies, such as the mythology of CRM in this universe, and this is kind of a first mythology, but there will be more.

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