The Godzilla Movie Streaming Guide for HBO Max


With the introduction of HBO Max, the new streaming service has already distinguished itself from most competitors in one obvious way: by means of classic films. With an entire branch of the service dedicated to Turner Classic Movies, and overlapping the criteria collection, which includes most of the classic Godzilla films from the legendary Toho studio. Do you know where to start? It is not clear which films support which films and what does not. We have below a complete movie guide for kaiju Toho and all of Godzilla!

Fortunately, there is no strict continuity for the early Godzilla films, so you can walk around in circles and watch what you find most interesting. We’ve included a list of our favourite films if you only want to see the highlights, but also films from the series that for some reason are not on HBO Max.

Also note that due to limitations in the search function of HBO Max, it seems that some names now have to be entered in the search field in order to be found. The search for Godzilla alone will not lead to all movies with a character, which can be an obstacle because some classic movies with a kaju do not have his name in the title.


The first film with which all this begins, Godgir’s dark and permanent anti-nuclear war, is here. HBO Max includes both versions of the film: the Japanese version by director Ishiro Honda (with only Godzilla on) and the American version of the film with new material by American actor Raymond Burr (called Godzilla, King of Monsters!, not to be confused with the film of 2019). The Japanese version is considered improved and is only available on HBO Max with subtitles. Despite the fact that this version is not very interesting for young viewers, it has stood the test of time and remains one of the best film franchises.

New Godzilla attacks

The direct sequel to the 1954 film The Godzilla Raid is present again and can be watched without any sign of its American counterpart (misnamed Gigantis, the fire monster). This sequel from 1955 is the first monster to fight Godzilla with an angira on the flask, but the candle cannot hold on to the first film.

King Kong versus Godzilla False

(Photo: Toho/Universal)

Currently neither HBO Max, nor Criterion Channel, nor HBO Max, nor Criterion, nor the American King, nor the Japanese Championship, nor the World Championship 1962, nor the Japanese Championship, nor the American King, nor HBO Max, nor Criterion, nor the American King, nor the American King, nor the American King, neither the American King, nor the American King, nor the American King, nor the American King, nor the American King, nor the American King, nor the American King, nor the American King, nor the American King, nor the American King, nor the Japanese King, nor the Japanese King, nor the American King. The film, the first Godzilla film to be shot in color, is currently nowhere available because the American distributor is owned by Universal Pictures.

1960s Godzilla

Most of the successors to King Kong vs. Godzilla are available at HBO Max, including Motra vs. Godzilla, Gidor, Three-Headed Monster, Invasion of Astro Monster (also known as Monster Zero), Ebra, Deep Horror (also known as Godzilla vs. Sea Monster), Son of Godzilla and Destroy All Monsters, Kaizu Drop.

No HBO Max (but still available on the Criterion Channel) – The Attack of All Monsters 1969, mocked by some Godzilla fans for placing too much emphasis on the fact that it’s a children’s film, but not without its noisy supporters.

’70’s Godzilla

All of Tohoe’s films from the seventies are available for streaming on HBO Max, including Godzilla vs. The Horror of Mechagodzilla from 1975 was Godzilla’s last film, The Age of Shiva, and his last performance until its re-release in 1984.

Legendary Godzilla: Sample King

Download(Photo: Legendary/Worldly Bros. pictures)

Director Michael Doherty’s film 2019 is the only film by the legendary monster to be aired on HBO Max. Currently Godzilla 2014 and Kong 2016: You can’t watch Skull Island on the dock, but just like in the classic Godzilla movies, you don’t have to watch the movie to understand it.

Toho films

On HBO Max there are few other Toho films available on Kaju, but fortunately both are winners. In 1956 the solo film Rodan was shown, which introduced the world to the Flying Kaijiu, which was to appear in the Godzilla films. In addition, the films War Gargantua can be seen at HBO Max in 1966. The link between this film and the Godzilla franchise is somewhat blurred (this sequel to Frankenstein’s inaccessible film conquers a world with a Kaju baragon, the monster that appears in Destroy All Monsters), but it’s a classic cult film about monsters, previously described by Guillermo del Toro as an important source of inspiration for the Pacific region.

Best Godzilla films available on HBO Max

Of the fifteen films we mentioned above, there are mainly a few stands:

Godzilla (1954) – The great general film and the beginning of the franchise.

Rodan is a film about Kaju that lets you guess until the last moment.

Gidora, the three-headed monster is the first big action film on Kaizu, in which four monsters are depicted in the main battle.

Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla is the first appearance of a robot antagonist.

Terror of Mechagodzilla is the last film from the Tohoe period that shows the underestimated monster Titanosaurus.

The Gargantua War – mid-June, combined with a larger franchise, but Toho is worth the search.

Elsewhere available

(Photo: Toho Studios)

HBO Max is not the home of all Godzilla films, and Netflix is the only home of three Toho Godzilla animated films: Planet of Monsters, Godzilla: The city on the brink of battle and Godzilla: A planet-eater. You can also watch a 1998 Godzilla remake of Sony on Netflix if you like. The film Godzilla 2000 is also part of Sony’s Crackle series.

Sorry, not available

Most of the Godzilla films from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s cannot be seen at HBO Max or elsewhere. Moreover, the award-winning film Shin Godzilla cannot be viewed online in 2016, except as a digital loan on certain platforms.godzilla: king of the monsters hbo,watch godzilla: king of monsters 123movies,hbo schedule,hbo movie list,when godzilla coming on tv,hbo india schedule,godzilla: king of monsters full movie hd,godzilla: king of the monsters full movie download