Railways ministry comes up with song titled ‘Break the Outbreak’, gets lukewarm response


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Published : 6. April 2020. 17:05:49

Ministry of Railways, Break the Outbreak Song Ministry of Railways, Break the Outbreak Song Ministry of Railways, Twitter Ministry of Railways, Coronavirus Song, Coronavirus Pandemic, COVID-19, Trendy News, Indian Express News Many people who came across the Outbreak Song praised the Ministry for its creativity.

According to Minister Ramdas Athawale’s slogan go corona, there is a delightful song that calls on people to practice social distance, published by the Ministry of Railways.

The song Break the Outbreak Song is based on the melody of I Am a Disco Dancer 2.0, which in turn is a remake of the cult song I am a Disco Dancer. The issue contains some tips to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, although not always in harmony.

The almost two-minute song was recorded on the 5th. April on Twitter with the official rumen name : It’s #lockdown, let’s have fun with Break the song and be careful, wash our hands all the time, stay inside and #social distance.

Watch the video here:

It’s the #lockdown, let’s talk to the outbreak song Break the outbreak song and be safe, wash your hands all the time, stay inside and keep #a social distance.

You know what?

Tell us who we are

Tell Will


Let’s go, we’re going to perform in CORON! # IndiaFightsCorona pic.twitter.com/jhTsDJJ6cZ

– 4. Ministry of Railways (@RailMinIndia) 5. The Commission considers that the following measures should be taken April 2020.

Although the song didn’t impress everyone for obvious reasons, many praised the video directors for their efforts. Look at some of the responses:

…against the Battle of the Crown… …not with the light…

– 4. Pranjit (who makes a living) (@dbpranjit) April 2020.

Fight the crown.

– Rohit Satyanveshi (@stayanveshi) 5. April 2020.

creative number pic.twitter.com/iCUJkTRKz

– 5. VASUDEVA YADAV (@ailrsa_yadav) April 2020.


– The Indian was killed on the 5th. Born in April 2020 (@ss00055000).

ye kya majaak hai bhai

– Aye Himanसू ® (@4mlvodka) 5. April 2020.

With this issue, the ministry tried to spread information about a virus that infected more than 1.25 million people worldwide and killed about 70,000 people. In India, 4067 cases were confirmed on Monday and 109 deaths were reported nationwide. (Follow the live updates here)

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