Pauly D and JWoww’s Love Story and Relationship Timeline


Hollow D


Jersey Shore stars Pauly D and Jenni JWoww Farley have been attracting attention since the beginning of the MTV series.

From the beginning, Jersey Shore has always been an attraction between Polly D and Jenny JWoww Farley. It all started in the summer of 2009, shortly after their first meeting in Primorje.

To promote the new show with Vinnie Guadagnino, the Double Shot of Love Trio remembered the time when Jenny and Polly were kissing in bed. In 2009 Jenny met her ex-boyfriend Tom Lippolis, but she didn’t tell Paul at the cocktail party.

Hollow D and JWoww were first covered when they were.

I go upstairs to lie down and JWoww comes to me, says Polly in an old video that MTV 2019 brought to the surface. We’re starting to kiss. This is getting a little crazy. She rubs me, I rub her a little.

JWoww refers to Polly’s floor and says I like it.

In confession, ten years ago, JWoww said she had technically cheated on her boyfriend.

After another visit that night, she remembered he was very aggressive and said: It must be the tequila.

While JWoww felt uncomfortable on stage, Poley liked to remember: I love this scene. I’m just saying!

With JWoww and Pauly D, both of 3. Jersey Shore Season: A family vacation, the duo had the chance to take their relationship to the next level. If they did, their friends would support it.

The first night Jenny looked at Poley’s pointy penis was magical, Vinnie said, as noted by People magazine. Seeing Jenny sleeping with Poley now would be like looking at greatness over and over again.

It would be as if Michael Jordan decided to play another game with Scotty Pippen, just for old times’ sake, he continued. The fact that we’re even talking about it, I feel a little, wow. Ten years later, the circle is complete.

But the couple didn’t sleep together because Polly didn’t want to ruin their friendship. Yeah, well, I would never disrespect you that much. You know that, don’t you? He says. I would never force you to do anything to jeopardize anything.

Polly D is the reason why she and Joey did not connect to.

This isn’t the first time Polly JWoww’s closed her doors. When she divorced Roger Matthew’s ex-husband in 2018, she tried to find out if there was anything in between. Polly and I have a strange history. And after I filed for divorce, I tried to rediscover that past, she says. He surprised me for my birthday and I went back to his hotel room, but it didn’t work out. So I’ve decided to leave it at that.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Polly said he didn’t want to cross that line with JWoww because she was like family to him.  She’s a great girl, she’s unbelievable, he told the paper in April. But she’s like a sister to us, like family. I don’t want to cross that line again.

While Paulie is single, JWoww is currently going out with professional wrestler Zack Carpinello, who is nicknamed 24 because of his age. They broke up shortly after JWoww saw her boyfriend flirting with co-star Angelina Pivarnik last season. Since then, they’ve been arrested and quarantined.

To find out what’s going on between the stars, don’t miss Jersey Shore: Family vacation, if it’s on Thursday at 8pm. And on MTV.

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