NBA Players That Can Be Traded If Their Team Don’t Win In Playoffs

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As the play-offs approach, the teams try to get their players into shape and get as deep as possible into the post-season area. After all, for many teams there is no better chance than now to surprise everyone and achieve more success in post-season matches with a new route after the season disqualification.

But for many teams, this post-season can be a cause or a break in their overall composition and roster. This means the focus will be on NBA stars, as many of them will play in different teams next season. If some teams don’t win the playoffs and look like they have no place in the NBA finals, deals will be made and some very good players will move on.

These are the players most likely to be sold if their team does not win the playoffs.

Kyle Lowry 't.jpg

(via Yahoo News)

Lowry signed a major contract with Raptors for two years. It seems a thank you to Lowry for helping the team win the NBA title a year earlier and also for giving the franchise some flexibility to move forward.

Lowry is one of the best players in the history of the Raptors franchise, and his approach to the game appeals to Raptors fans. However, other teams might be interested in an experienced playmaker who can go for the title and be replaced if the raptors can’t influence the playoffs.

Real holidays 't.jpg

Credit : USATSI

Since the beginning of the season, the festival has been mentioned in commercial rumours. Pelicans invest in their youth, and Holiday is currently not a player in their system or their projects.

Basically he has a cover as a player and will not grow with the other talents on the list. It can be withdrawn if the Pelicans do not make the playoffs or if they are convincingly eliminated in the first round.

Since Holiday is a very good and talented defender, teams should be interested in buying him.

Kyle Kuzma 't.jpg

Credit : Getty Pictures

No one in Los Angeles has heard more about business than Kyle Kuzma. Since last year she was usually expelled as the Los Angeles Laker, but today she still wears purple and gold. But it may not last long, because if Kuzma doesn’t make the playoffs or the Lakers don’t win, he goes first.

It’s not his fault, but the Lakers are already winning, and Kuzma is a very attractive thing for teams that want to get back on their feet. The Lakers are going to move Kuzma to third place in the All-Stars if they don’t win this year.

Gordon Hayward 't.jpg

Hayward was a star when he was still in good health, but a terrible injury left his career to chance. He’s still a good player with flashes of the old me, but the Celtics will probably move him if they can’t influence him in qualifying.

Hayward can be a very good sixth man or even a starter in some teams, so teams will certainly be interested in him if they can accept his contract. For the Celtics they’ll have to surround Jason Tatum and Kemba Walker with the right talent to win it all if they don’t make it to the NBA finals this year.

Gary Harris 't.jpg

Gary Harris is a very good NBA defender who does everything you can expect from a good player in his position. He defends himself well, knows how to shoot a triple and is very selfless. This allowed every team in the competition to use its products on site.

The biggest blow to the nuggets was the lack of a real marker and a player able to score clutch shots. If they don’t make it to the NBA finals, they’ll leave Harris and try to add a star like Bradley Beale to congratulate Nicola Yokichu and Jamal Murray.

C.J. McCallum 't.png

(via Blazer’s Edge)

The lady and C.J. have a lot of fun in Portland, but this season they seemed like a very angry couple. The lady plays like a superstar and C.J. can score with her eyes closed, but they have no defensive resistance and their team cannot have two players with limited defensive skills.

Of course this fear will disappear if they manage to spill the first seed in the West and return to the finals of the Western Conference. It’s not impossible, especially with a healthy Nurkic, but C.J. will probably switch if he jumps in the first round or doesn’t make the playoffs.

Aaron Gordon 't.jpg

Credit : Getty Pictures

Gordon becomes a very good player who can play and defend many positions on the field and now he is more than just a dark man. He seems to be in a better position to succeed, and Orlando doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet.

They don’t have the real All-Star talent and they have trouble scoring goals outside the borders, so Gordon could be transferred to solve these problems.

If the magic doesn’t fight in the first round, it might be better for them to recover and move away from their assets like Aaron Gordon.

DeMar DeRosan 't.jpg

DeMar DeRosan had a pretty turbulent race with tracks from San Antonio. He was largely replaced by Kavi Leonard and had to watch as Kavi led the Raptors to the NBA finals and won everything. DeRozan made it clear that he loved the Raptors, the fans and his partner Kyle Lowry, so it must have hurt him.

However, DeRozan is a very good striker and star striker who can help any team he joins. The tracks finally seem to recover and therefore DeRozan will have to move immediately when he jumps in the first round, which everyone is waiting for.

Rudi Robert 't.jpg

Under normal circumstances, Jazz Rudy Robert would never trade Robert. He is a 2-meter monster and by far the most effective player on defense at the moment, with plenty of room to develop. But jazz should start making noise in the preliminaries, because they have an up-and-coming superstar, Donovan Mitchell, and newcomer Michael Conley, who isn’t getting any younger.

If they are quiet, at least during the second round or the final of the Western Conference, Robert’s eyebrows will be towards Mitchell.

Not to mention the stories about Mitchell’s frustration with Robert at the start of the Covida 19 pandemic, so of course that doesn’t help.

Victor Oladipo 't.jpg

(via deadspin)

Everyone thought the Pacers had had the shortest end when they made the deal to send Paul George to Oklahoma City Thunder. Oladipo was nothing more than a defensive specialist and a quick decision-maker for Russell Westbrook, and he didn’t look in the eye to be a star.

However, Oladipo played the game perfectly and developed it to the point where people felt that Indiana had won the case of Paul George. Until Oladio’s big accident he fell with an injury that prevented him from becoming a real star. When Indiana are quiet in the playoffs, Oladipo is the biggest asset of the Eastern Conference that can lead them to reconstruction.



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