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In Brooklyn, New York, people try to maintain a social distance while enjoying the sun

Circles of distance and hope

On Sunday, ASHA staff in Karnataka will hold pink umbrellas during a program to honor those who want to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus in Bengaluru. In the United States, some states have opened up, and in Brooklyn, New York, people are trying to maintain a social distance while enjoying the midday sun.

The fifth day of FM band announcements brings some relief for RSI.

A new bankruptcy procedure against bad payers will be suspended for a year to prevent companies from being sued if they try to get back on their feet, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman said on Sunday, announcing the last of the provisions of the recovery plan ₹20 lakh crore. The minimum absenteeism rate at the opening of bankruptcy proceedings will increase from ₹1 lakh to ₹1 crore. Further details will be published after the decision. Although the suspension of the new bankruptcy proceedings gives companies some breathing space, creditors may also restructure companies outside the context of a takeover.

UP Police stop hundreds of daily bets at the state border

UP arrests employees without a valid border passport.

One day after more than 20 lone workers were killed and many others were injured when two trucks collided when they returned home in the Uttar Pradesh Auraya region, UP police stopped hundreds of daily bets at the state border. In Gazipour, the police announced that employees must register (left), have a valid passport and may only travel by bus or train. At the border between the cities near Reva, tired workers have crossed the barriers to go home. The police response follows an instruction from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to district officials to prevent workers and their families from entering the state on foot, by bicycle or truck, and to provide them with shelter and buses. Employees were taken to emergency shelters, as was later reported in the state.

Brazil misses Italy and Spain in confirmed cases of the coronavirus

Confirmed cases of this new coronavirus in Brazil have passed through Spain and Italy, once the epicentre of the pandemic, making it the fourth largest outbreak in the world according to official figures. In Brazil, 14,919 newly confirmed cases were registered within 24 hours, bringing the total to more than 230,000 cases compared to the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom. Brazil carried out only a small proportion of the tests reported in these three countries. Madagascar recorded the first death of a coronavirus, 57 years old…

India Downloads Zoom (2020)

The number of downloads in India has increased by a factor of 79 in three months.

Internet use in India has increased since a national ban was introduced at the end of March in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Much of the use of the Internet has been caused by the blockade as a result of work with domestic politics. Demand for Work From Home (WFH) has increased dramatically in recent weeks, with video and web conferencing solutions such as Zoom showing a dramatic increase in downloads (see chart). The number of downloadable scale applications has grown from 300,000 in February 2020 to more than 23.7 million in April.

Odisha asks the center to stop the marmots during Amphan.

The coastal areas of Odisha and parts of West Bengal are on alert after the Meteorological Department of India said Sunday that the Amphan Cyclone in Bengal Bay is likely to be a very strong cyclonic storm for the next 12 hours. The storm is expected to cause heavy rainfall over the next two days and will occur near Bangladesh. Prime Minister Odishi Naveen Patnaik has set a zero loss target for his government, which is already combating the coronavirus epidemic. The state has also asked the centre to temporarily suspend special trains for migrants crossing coastal areas.

Three years in prison for exposing Qatar.

Qatar began enforcing the world’s toughest sanctions on Sunday – up to three years in prison and fines of up to $55,000 for not wearing a mask in public. This small country has one of the highest rates of coronavirus infection in the world – more than 32,000 people test positive for Covid-19, or 1.1 percent of its 2.75 million inhabitants, although only 15 people died. Only San Marino and the Vatican have higher infection rates per capita, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Wearing a mask is mandatory in about 50 countries, including Chad (15 days in prison) and Morocco (three months in prison and fines of up to $130).

U.S. President Barack Obama gave two virtual opening speeches over the weekend.

Obama criticizes the viral reaction of the United States.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama gave two virtual keynote speeches over the weekend, mixing inspiring counsel for graduates with targeted criticism of the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Times reports. This pandemic has raised the curtain for the idea that… He said the people in charge knew what they were doing. There are more than 1.4 million cases and 88,000 deaths in the United States. Other celebrities who supported the students were the musicians Dua Lipa, Cardi B and Alicia Case. Parents organised car rallies and other means to celebrate the event, even though the graduation ceremonies were cancelled across the country.

Summer can slow the virus down, but then again…

New research has confirmed the hypothesis that heat, humidity and sunlight can be combined in summer to suppress the spread of the coronavirus, although they do not prevent the spread of the coronavirus. However, experts say that all the benefits of summer conditions are lost if people give up their social distance and other precautions. The new working document and database, compiled by researchers from Harvard Medical School, MIT and other institutions, examines a wide range of weather conditions, from temperature and relative humidity to precipitation, at 3,739 locations around the world in an attempt to determine the relative risk of weather-related Kovid-19. They found that an average temperature of more than 25 degrees Celsius is associated with a reduced transmission of the virus.

Belgian medical personnel turn away from PM

There is a very powerful clip that bypasses and reverses the social networks of health workers in Belgium when their Prime Minister Sophie Wilms arrives in Brussels for an official visit to St. Peter’s Hospital. They were angry at the budget cuts and the recruitment of unskilled workers during the crisis. Belgium reported more than 9,000 deaths in Covida-19, or about 785 deaths per million inhabitants.

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