Mike Vrabel surprises elderly Tennessee fan with phone call



The current situation in which we find ourselves has put many people in quarantine. This applies especially to the elderly. Forty-somethings can age very quickly. However, for one of the fans of the Tennessee Titans, coach Mike Vrabel helped make the 40s a little more exciting.

Vraebel called 87-year-old Ron Kegaris, a Titan fan, to freshen up a bit.

Coach Vrabel found time this morning to visit Ron Kegaris, an 87-year-old OhioStateFB graduate and #Titans fan, who was stuck in the house in his 40s. Ron’s wife died last fall.

He’s our coach! @CoachVrabel50

Let’s stick together, Titan fans. Picture.twitter.com/ThnnRc8Qxg

– Tennessee Titans (@ Titans) 23. March 2020

According to Twitter, Kegaris graduated from the Ohio State Football Club and is a Titan fan. He also lost his wife in the fall.

Forty years is no longer a pleasure for anyone. So you can imagine Kegaris isn’t doing so well. The liar seems to have definitively cleared his day.

And as you’ve probably all heard a thousand times before, that’s exactly what we need now. These stories are great. People help people through these difficult and strange times.

Kegaris seemed to really enjoy the conversation. And also on Vrabel’s side.

They talked about meeting their wives in Ohio, and Vrabel told him about the Titans’ off-season.

Kegaris also praised Vrabel. He seems very happy with the way the young coach leads the team by following his example.

He also ended the call by giving advice to Vrabel: Don’t let J.K. Dobbins out of your sight. Dobbins was of course the absolute star of the state of Ohio as a latecomer, and Kegaris clearly wants the connection with the college to continue.

Vraebel completed the call by sending an invitation to Kegarise to join the OTA as soon as it was completed.

And that’s the content we can all love in this day and age. At this point, yell at Vrabel and yell at Kegaris because he seems to be an incredibly happy person in this difficult situation.

Patriots, Tom Brady.