‘Fortnite’ players find a clever trick to make the helicopter more powerful with autopilot


Epic Games, developer of Fortnite Battle Royale, has recently added a new car to the popular video game. Since the release of the new version of Shopping Cart in the 4th. season, the creator of the video game has experimented with many other cars. Although the main function of the vehicles in the game is mobility, some are equipped with weapons and can even cause massive damage to other players and structures.

The newest vehicle is called Choppa, and it is a helicopter that has 1500 impact points and offers enough space for the whole team.

Surprisingly, Epic Games has not added any weapons to this Fortnite Battle Royale, so it is quite difficult to use them in battle, especially in single-player mode. Fortunately, players have recently discovered a trick to make the helicopter work on its own, which can give you a big advantage over your opponents.

Useful tips Choppa

Epic Games held its first game on Tuesday the 17th. In March, a helicopter was added to Fortnite Battle Royale with the v12.20 patch. Earlier, the game developer had advertised the addition of this car in promotional material for the new season.

In addition, several helipads have been put into use in the new squadrons, and with patch v12.10 or 3. Mars, Epic Games added.

Something else that happened on the 3rd. On March 1, the game was completed with the Proximity Mine, a new explosive weapon that can cause 50 and 200 structural damage to players as they approach. Rusanami, a Reddit user, has learned that a proxy mine can be used with a helicopter to give it an autopilot, allowing players to use the machine more aggressively.

To complete the round, players must place the proximity mine on top of the helicopter, then climb into the helicopter and switch places immediately. The helicopter then starts to move independently, so that the players can stand on its side. This means that a single player can use the helicopter for mobility and combat at the same time, while in high-population modes such as squad style, all four players can disperse and attack the enemy players.

This trick can also be used to confuse opponents, but it is important to remember that the helicopter always flies in the same direction, so players will eventually lose it, either in a storm or on a hill or other obstacle.

New update

Epic Games has announced that the v12.21 update for Fortnite Battle Royale will be released on Tuesday, November 24. Mars, has been published. This update will be released earlier than normal, as the downtime starts at 2.00 am at night. At the moment it is not known what it will bring, but it will most likely not be a serious update.

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