Dalvin Cook’s Potential Replacement: ‘Adrian Peterson’


Naji Harris from Alabama.


Naji Harris from Alabama, who has returned, compared himself to Adrian Peterson and is expected to be one of the leading figures in the NFL 2021 project in terms of the number of returnees.

Much of what surrounds the Minnesota Vikings comes back, according to Dalvin Cook, who stayed away from the team on Monday until he got a contract extension. If Cook had survived the entire season, his understudy Alexander Mattison would have been the main candidate to take over most of the Viking work this season.

But who can the Vikings take with them after 2020 as the central character of their zone attack?

The following year, the Running Back Draft of the Talent and Profound class and the Vikings showed they were ready to make an early repeat by taking a position in the past after Cook’s repeat in the second round in 2017 and Mattison’s in the third round in 2019.

Especially a player who was invented as the next high school Adrian Peterson, may later fall prey to the Vikings – Alabama Najee Harris.

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Naji Harris: Next Adrian Peterson

Naji Harris from Alabama.

Getty Harris’ ability to drop material and let defenders through has led many observers to compare him to Adrian Peterson.

Matt Miller of Bleacher Report ranked Harris 30th in the total and 4th in the 2020 concept class. Harris has decided to step out of the design this year and return to Crimson Tide for his last season.

He made a comparison with the future member of the Viking Hall of Famer, Adrian Peterson, because of his aggressive and direct style and also showed that he is difficult to catch in his game.

Naji Harris for Alabama just played against Adrian Peterson and Sakvon Barkley in the same game and scored! #Rolltide pic.twitter.com/tXJADsui6D

– JaiHawkFLY (@JaiHawkFly) 14. September 2019.

In 2019, the average number of yards per car was 5.9 yards, for a total of 1,224 rushed yards and 13 touchdowns on the ground. Alabama expanded the role of Harris last season and made 27 games for 304 yards and 7 TD’s as setter and junior.

He shone like everyone else when he came back and became one of Alabama’s deadliest weapons. He took the average of all 12 hits he got. By comparison: LSU’s Clyde Edwards-Helire, which was the first No32 awarded this year by Kansas City officials, found a 16-goal area in one of the most productive offensives in the history of college football.

Harris is one of the top three running backs in the 2021 draft class, which means that the Vikings have the opportunity to pass the first round of the draft elsewhere and still secure Harris or other running backs in the following rounds.

Other border guards

Travis Etienne de Clemson.

GettyClemson runs backwards Travis Etienne is the best backwards runner on many NFL 2021 traction plates.

If Harris is suitable for the incarnation of thunder, then Travis Etienne de Clemson is certainly the thunderbolt of 2021, which downgrades the class.

Etienne used his speed and athletics in his compulsive defense as the biggest threat to university football. During his university career he played an average of 7.8 yards per carry and last season he played more than 2,000 universal yards and 23 touchdowns. It was speculated that if Etiens found the same space to play at the next level, a similar argument would hit the top athletes in each concept class.

Etienne remained the best choice among the many promising selection committees and was recently named one of the best football players in the history of College Pro Football Focus.

He ranked 24th overall, while Chuba Hubbard of Oklahoma finished 25th in the production of the 2021 sports news. Hubbard joined Barry Sanders as the only cowboy to return to the darkness of the 2,000-meter sprint in one season and has shown patience to be an effective NFL insider runner.

Harris was chosen as number 45 in the same production project.

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