Communal harmony, DNA tolerance of India, majority community: Kiren Rijiju


Published : 11. June 2020. 15:46:15

Rigiju declared that the social, religious and constitutional rights of minorities in the country are absolutely safe.

Union Minister Kieren Ridjiju said Thursday that the religious and constitutional rights of minorities in India are absolutely safe and that they do not have to testify for anyone because there is harmony and tolerance in the DNA of the country and the majority society.

The remarks of the Buddhist Rigidjo came after a senior trumpet official said that the United States was very concerned about what was happening in India with regard to religious freedom.

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India does not need the certificate of community consent and tolerance found in the Indian DNA and in the majority society in India, said Rigidjo, who is not only Minister of Trade Unions for Sport, but also Minister of State for Minority Affairs, in a statement to Rigidjo.

Mr Rigiju said that the social, religious and constitutional rights of minorities in the country are absolutely safe.

Many politically intolerant people try to create an atmosphere of fear and intolerance. As a member of the minority community, I think India is the best country in the world for minorities, he said.

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Samuel Brownbeck, the U.S. ambassador for international religious freedom, said Wednesday that India is the country that has produced the four major religions itself.

We’re still very worried about what’s happening in India. Historically, it was a very tolerant country and respectful of religions and all religions, he said.

Brownback said these trends are alarming in India because it is a religious subcontinent and violence is much more common there.

His comments were made after the publication of the World Religious Freedom Report of 2019.

The report, which documents the most significant cases of violation of religious freedom in the world, was released by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of the U.S. State Department.

India had previously rejected the US report on religious freedom because it saw no reason for a foreign government to assert the constitutionally protected rights of its citizens.

India is proud of its secular rule, its status as the world’s largest democracy and its pluralistic society with a long-standing commitment to tolerance and integration, according to the government.

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