Coaches reached out to Mitchell Trubisky after trading for Nick Foles



Nick Falls may disagree, but when the NFL 2020 started off-season, Chicago CEO Ryan Pace Mitchell Trubisky was wearing the spot because the team’s starting quarterback was safe.

But over time, the story began to change. At the scout factory, it was reported that the Bears were hoping to get a veteran quarterback to challenge Trubsky.

Then, in the early days of the free agency, the Middle Way Monsters bought Nick Falls from the Jacksonville Jaguars, apparently eliminating the idea that trumpeters could become a starter, especially given the size of the orders.

But in the meantime, the bears have reorganised Foles’ activity and insist on creating a sense of competition between Trubsk and Foles.

Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network also said the coaches of the Bears contacted Trubsky after the deal and pointed out that he still had a chance to win the quarterback role.

Extract from @NFLTotalAccess #StayHome Edition : ~ The bear trainers reached out on the day of Nick Falls’ trade to tell Mitch Trumpetsky he’d have a chance to win the job ~ And every time the training begins, Trubsky gets his first shot. @nflnetwork

– Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) 3. April 2020.

After a promising second year, Trubsky has taken a step back for the bears in 2019.

According to ESPN the first number two in the total ranking came in 28th place. Position of 30 qualified flag men in the total quarterback rankings (QBR). He also showed that the Bears were on average 6.1 meters in a pass and could not hit the ball exactly in the field.

If he’s one of the best deep ball throwers in football, if he’s healthy, but if it’s crucial. The former MVP Superbowl only played four games last season because of a broken collarbone, and throughout his talented career he has been a replacement. The mystery is what level he’s going to show Chicago. How he pushes Trubsky will be one of the central stories of the competition when the NFL finally gets back on track.

Whoever wins the starting place, the bears hope that Fola and Trubsky will push each other as well as possible, which ideally will lead to a clear victory for the team.

Jadveon Clowney, Browns, Seahawks.