Breaking down the worst NBA draft class in league history



As far as the bad NBA writing courses are concerned, I can name a few.

Some would even think of the most recent project of 2013, in which Anthony Bennett became number one. He’s not in the game.

But a closer look this year shows that players like Giannis Antetokunmpo (who was permanently banned before the start of the season), Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter Jr., C.J. McCollum, Stephen Adams, Rudy Robert, Kelly Olinic and Dennis Schroeder were caught this year.

Was that a good concept lesson? No, but that certainly wasn’t the worst.

This questionable difference applies to the 2000 class, which was the most disgusting NBA design in the history of the competition.

Kenyon Martin won first place this year. At least he became a good NBA player, but then you see that Stromile Swift, Darius Miles, Markus Phyzer and Mike Miller took the top five places and you realize how awful that group of rookies really was.

Yes, Miller has proven to be a strong role-player, but Swift and Miles are rightly considered the two biggest talent losses of recent times. Let’s not even start with Faiser.

Oh, and the other top ten? Dermarr Johnson, Chris Mihm, Jamal Crawford (honey), Joel Pshibilla and Kayon Dooling.

So none of the top ten players, especially Martin, Miller and Crawford, have had a successful NBA career, and if you look at the order below, there haven’t been many other highlights.

They had Hedo Turkoglu, who was probably very good, who turned out to be the best player of the class and finished 16th. Michael Redd was also sitting in seat 43. Redd was actually on his way to an impressive career before his injuries put him out of reach.

Oh, and Jamal Magloire (who made the All-Star team in 2004) was 19th.

But other than that? Oh, my God!

With all due respect to those players, as they worked their hind legs to get there, but in terms of pure skill and NBA ability, most of those guys just didn’t have what it takes.

The anatomy project is interesting to say the least.

Sometimes you have a very busy group of players. Take, for example, the year 2003. Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosch participated in this design. Or 1984, a concept class with Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Charles Barkey and John Stockton (not to mention the number 2 overall for Portland Trail Blazer fans).

Another time there’s a bunch of guys in the league who can barely talk.

Of course there are more years in which the class has a good balance of NBA stars, role players and fringe characters, but the ups and downs are certainly what people remember most.

Think about it for a second. They tend not to pay much attention to the worst players in the league, yet we all remember the 2000 concept class because it was so bad.

The worst thing about that deadly selection two decades ago was that few players were asleep. Normally the NBA brings together more than a few players from the twenties or the second round who have a very successful career. But in the year 2000? It was a beautiful collection, and a second-rate collection that seemed to have a chance to put his name among the big second-rate thieves (Redd), reducing his professional experience.

Again, the best player was probably Turkoglu, who was drafted by the kings of Sacramento and spent three seasons in Sacramento. He grew up with Chris Webber, Peyiah Stojakovic, Mike Bibby and Vlad Divak before being sold to the San Antonio Spurs in the summer of 2003.

Turkoglu then spent a single season with the Spurs before signing the Orlando Magic in 2004, where he continued to thrive and enjoy the best part of his NBA career. His excitement came in 2009 when he helped Magic as well as he could to the NBA finals (he was even a worthy defender).

But as good as Turkoglu is, it says a lot if he is the best player in a certain concept class. He wasn’t even selected for the All-Star team and has an average of 11.1 points per race in his career.

So, yeah. The 2000 NBA Preliminary Course is undoubtedly unforgettable. Unfortunately, it’s for the wrong reasons.

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