BCB approaches still-playing Abdur Razzak for national selector’s role


Abdur Razzaq recently played in the Dhaka Premier League 2020.

The main gate of Bangladesh Abdur Razzaq Abdur Razzaq. (source: AFP)

The Bangladesh Cricket Board is currently looking for a third member for its selection committee. And they went to Abdur Razzaq, a former player, for the same thing. However, he asked for some time because it was a difficult decision for him. But his decision will probably be announced soon.

Abdur Razzaq made his international debut in 2006 and played a total of 13 tests, 153 ODI and 34 T20I. He is probably one of the best cricketers the Tigers have produced in their history, with a total of 279 international wickets for their team. There is no doubt that he was an excellent ball changer when he was part of the Bangladeshi cricket team.

Akram Khan requests the jury to reconsider the decision of Abdur Razzaq

Akram Khan, chairman of the board of BCB Cricket, said that he had asked another member of the selection committee to find out which projects Abdur Razzaq was pursuing with the proposal. It won’t be an easy task for him, because he still plays cricket. And recently he was in the Dhaka Premier League. The question remains whether he wants to play or shorten his career.

I asked Habibul Bashar [coach] for his [Razzaq] advice [on our proposal] [for participation in the selection committee]. Razzaq’s in no hurry if he’s playing DPL. We are not sure if he wants to expand his career, said Akram Khan, president of BCB Cricket Operations, quoted by Crikbuz.

Razzaq also confirmed that the BKB had contacted him about the role of the coach. But he wants to think about the same thing for a while longer.

Yeah, they contacted me, but I needed time to decide. I told them I’d inform them after the Dhaka Premier League games. Now that the competition has been postponed, I can think about it. I have to give up cricket for this new job, and it’s not an easy decision for me, because I’ve been living in cricket for a long time. I need time to decide that I have no regrets afterwards, Abdur Razzaq said when he contacted cricfrenzy.com.