Batman Displaying a New Ability in Batman: Three Jokers


Batman is always looking for new ways to improve not only his tools and equipment, but also his costume. Somehow the Dark Knight has discovered another use for his brand in a new look at the long-awaited Batman: Three jokers. A series of screenwriter Jeff Jones, artist Jason Fabock and colorist Brad Anderson brings Batman, Batgirl and Little Red Riding Hood together to follow in the Joker’s footsteps, and as you can see in the art below, it leaves a less subtle trail. Three find one of his recruits (with wild fish in the aquarium), and here we also see Batman using the bat symbol on his chest as a flashlight. The bat symbol shines and seems to make Barbara say something to Jason, although we don’t know what it is yet.

It seems that this is the first time the bat symbol has been used on the chest, but at the same time there is the feeling that it should have been used much more often over the years. I mean, he’s already got the Bat signal, so why not shed some light on almost every symbol he’s got? This is very logical, and we can imagine that other members of the Bat family will soon want the same upgrade.

Below you can see Bat-Spotlight in action (no official title, but as good as I can imagine at the moment).

(Photo: DC Comics)

Batman: Originally, three jokes were supposed to start in June, but the situation has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Yesterday in Washington, D.C., it was announced that the series will be released on Tuesday 25. August, will begin to increase the number of cases involved in the publication of the book.

(Photo: DC-Comics)

As more and more stores find ways to work and serve their customers, our release program is constantly being reviewed, according to SVP and his editor-in-chief Bob Harras. From order to sale, Batman moves. By August, three more jokers will allow shops to order and sell this incredible story of Jeff and Jason.

The series itself focuses on three people who have the deepest scars of The Joker, and they will investigate this trauma and pain as they try to solve the mystery unfolding before their eyes.

It goes back to the early days when Batman discovered the Joker, but it’s also the Deadly Joke and A Death in the Family who talk about the book and we’re built on emotion, Jones told Barbara and Jason have been through a lot like Bruce and they really focus on healing, scars and wounds and what it does to someone. If you have a trauma, you can’t just end it and move on with your life, it changes who you are. Sometimes it changes you for the better, sometimes for the worse. You can do good and you can do bad. That’s the real subject of the book: Heal good, heal evil and survive.

Here is the official description of Batman: Three jokers on the ground floor.

30 years after Murder Wokes, Batman changed comic books for good: The Three Jokers rethink the myth of who or what the Joker is and what underlies his ongoing battle with Batman. New York Times bestselling author Jeff Jones and Eisner Award-winning artist Jason Fabock have come together to talk about Batman and the Joker!

After years of waiting, the epic story is finally here: Find out why there are three jokers and what they mean in the ten-year battle between the Black Knight and the Clown Crime Prince. In this powerful and moving story, Batman, Batman and Little Red Riding Hood – all three former victims of the Joker – work together to solve a mystery they’ve never known before!

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