Baarish 2 review: Asha Negi, the drama of Sharman Joshi is as torturous as Mumbai ‘s annual rain chaos-TV


Perch 2
Distribution: Asha Nega, Joshi Charman
Creator: Ekta Kapoor

There’s no easy way to say this: Baarish 2 – from the stables of Ekta Kapoor’s romantic/family drama – is not reminiscent of the gentle vibrations of the raindrops and the way nature recharges itself with energy. Instead, it puts you in the middle of heavy rainfall in Mumbai, where you fight for your life by choosing your way through the shutters. Drinking while watching Sharman Joshi and Asha Negi Star Baarish 2 is not what I recommend, especially during a lockdown. The story of the couple separating for the most fragile reasons has collapsed and become obsolete.

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Successful rags for the rich and tragic love story of 2009, Pavitra Rishta took Asha as a middle-class Marathis girl. More than ten years later Asha still plays the same role in the Baarse 2. Nothing against his position or character, but as actors we expect progress in the choice of his work. While humanity is still looking for only one reason to feel comfortable with the arrival of the year 2020, Asha and the team seem to be stuck in the 2000s. Despite her selective but remarkable work, Asha cannot give at least one reason why she agreed to this endless story of family dramas and dirty cartoons.

No wonder the creator of Ekta Kapoor doesn’t believe in a happy ending – the end, to be precise. Known for the tendency of Indian television to make a generation of jumps that don’t seem to bridge the centuries, the director continues to serve tried and tested recipes with little or no improvisation. The interest aroused by the innocent love story of a wealthy businessman as a foster child and a middle-class Marathi girl who appreciates principles only becomes apparent in the second season that the wild fan base of the series has been watching Ekta Kapoor for over a decade. A middle-class woman still sticks to the label of prospector, and the innocent act of a friend serving a cake to a married woman is still enough to stir up the fire of jealousy and betrayal. Just like in the time of the Comolica, the little canvas figures still believe everything they hear, and the heroine still prefers to leave her mother rather than defend herself when insulted by the man she loves.

Asha Nega and Sharman Joshi in Baarish 2.

The second season, like the first, examines the reasons that led Anouge and Gauravi to talk about layoffs. Although it was largely successfully developed through old-fashioned love and tolerant romantic antics, in the end it turned out to be a critical experience that makes you want to revisit the calendar. In fact, it is 2020, and it is best to avoid this unnecessary torture.

As all series and films are interrupted afterwards, the series promises to be a saving grace for the Daily Soap’s loyal audience. And one of the criteria this new hike really meets is its infinite duration. The endless bends are anything but remarkable and seem to be pulled by a broken car in the pouring rain. The viewer looks with fear and trembling at an undeniable love story, but the makers have not yet finished the painful saga of the complex relationship between man and woman and the outdated family chaos.

Spread over 11 or more episodes (without the official word before the end), Baarish 2 also marks the return of Bollywood star Jeetendra as a marriage counselor. Even he seems far from being able to conclude why the main couple are on their way to divorce, just like the creators, who are not in the mood to bring the story to a logical conclusion. When counting the episodes, it is better to present them on regular entertainment channels that already have a dedicated audience waiting for the end of the episodes.

Picture from the Baarse 2.

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By entering Altbalaji and Sea 5, Baarish 2 beats the reputation of previous efforts such as Sakshi Tanwar and Mona Singh MOM or Vikrant Massey and Harlin Networks, broken but beautiful. Even the humming of Shveti Tiwari’s Tum And Them was a remarkable progress when the children became adults to communicate with their divorced parents. But Baarish 2 took over two streaming platforms ten years ago.

If you are desperate to see a typical Ekta Kapoor drama, take a look at the relatively better offer on the same streaming services. You’d better not worry about it.

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