7 Awesome Pre-built, NAS, and DIY options


Picking the ideal media web server for Plex can be tough, particularly for a novice. Exactly how around we make it a bit simpler for you? Below is a checklist of a couple of fantastic NAS, Do It Yourself, and also pre-built choices for media web server with Plex assistance.

Plex media web server permits streaming your in your area had electronic media web content to numerous tools inside or outside your house. Basically, it is a Do It Yourself Netflix. Plex lately included assistance free of cost films. Furthermore, it is likewise feasible to play IPTV on Plex. For these factors, Plex media web server is a crucial element of my wise house configuration.

I was a devoted Kodi individual however gradually transitioned to Plex in 2018 and also I am extremely pleased. The largest advantages of Kodi were addons and also customizability. However Plex was simpler to preserve on customer tools, from another location offered throughout traveling, sharable with close friends, and also simpler collection sync. [Read: Plex vs Kodi – The Ultimate Comparison Guide for Beginners]

My relocate to Plex was a little bit rough however these Kodi to Plex movement pointers assisted. The largest difficulty was locating a media web server for Plex that can sustain my streaming requires: several streams, several transcodes, and also 4k assistance when required in the future. Based upon my research study and also the last 2 years of individual experience, below are some outstanding choices for media web server with Plex assistance.

Prior to we explore Plex web server equipment, below is a short introduction to Plex media web server.

Exactly how does Plex media web server job?

Quickly, Plex media web server magazines your media and also makes them offered to Plex application on customer tools that play them. Effectively making use of Plex needs a minimum of 2 elements:

  1. Plex web server– A media web server with Plex running regularly and also all set to offer media at the demand of Plex customers.
  2. Plex customer– A customer gadget (eg. Amazon.com Fire TELEVISION, Roku tools, and so on) with Plex application that plays the media from your Plex web server. [Read: 10 Best Plex client devices: Pre-built and DIY options]

Furthermore, you will certainly require in your area saved web content on a media web server for Plex to directory. There are a number of various means to keep regional media for streaming to Plex (or Emby, Kodi, and also Jellyfin).

Is Plex Media Web server complimentary?

Plex media web server itself is complimentary for usage with the internet application for watching. Nevertheless, watching media web content on Plex mobile customer applications call for an in-app acquisition (~$ 5) per gadget. A life time Plex pass is very suggested. It permits use of endless Plex customer applications, Live TELEVISION and also DVR, several customers, adult controls, equipment velocity, and so on

Best Media Web Server for Plex

As stated previously, Plex needs a web server efficient in taking care of several streams and also transcoding when needed. The capacity to transcode is the largest restriction of many network-attached storage space tools. Self-built Plex web servers generally exceed any type of pre-built Plex web server equipment.

In my viewpoint, transcoding capacity is just one of the leading Plex web server demands and also stinting media web server equipment can cause buffering concerns and also poor media streaming experience. [Read: Troubleshooting Plex buffering – Solutions for when Plex keeps pausing]

Nevertheless, NAS tools have actually made substantial progression in this field and also several more recent ones feature equipment transcoding capacity.

What tools can Plex media web server operate on?

A lot of tools can run Plex media web server. Nevertheless, synchronised streams and also transcoding might be restricted by CPU and also GPU of the plex web server equipment. Below is a harsh standard for CPU demands for Plex:

  • CPU PassMark >1500: One 720 p (4Mbps, H.264) video clip transcode
  • CPU PassMark >2000: One 1080 p (10 Mbps, H.264) video clip transcode
  • CPU PassMark >12000: One 4k SDR (40 Mbps, 8-bit HEVC) video clip transcoded to 1080 p
  • CPU PassMark >17000: One 4k HDR (50 Mbps, 10- little bit HEVC) video clip transcoded to 1080 p

Keep In Mind that, an equipment transcoding qualified GPU/CPU can decrease PassMark demands and also having media data in among the Plex sustained layouts and also a qualified customer can decrease transcoding by direct-playing web content.

Without more trouble, allow ’ s check out a couple of leading Do It Yourself, NAS, and also Pre-built media web server with Plex assistance.

Keep In Mind that many NASes do not have CPUs efficient in software-transcoding 4K video clip. It is not an excellent worth to compensate for those that do. As a result, just those designs that use great worth with equipment transcoding 1080 p and also 4k (H.264) capacity are listed here. Just decoding is sustained by all NASes for HEVC 4k video clips, right now.

1. Synology– NAS for Plex Media Web Server

Synology is recognized for making several of the most effective NAS tools for Plex media web server. A lot of NAS tools do not have a CPU efficient in taking care of UHD video clips. Nevertheless, Synology identified that there is a need for having the ability to make use of NAS tools as Plex media web servers and also upped the CPUs a little however a lot more significantly updated the equipment to manage equipment video clip transcoding.

This is one reason I bought a Synology DS918+ in 2015. It is it currently a core element of my wise house configuration that not just runs Plex media web server however likewise deals with a number of various other obligations such as safety video clip storage space, media storage space, data source web server, and so on [Read: 5 Most common NAS or Home Server uses]

Mostly all current Synology NAS designs sustain software program transcoding of 480 p (SD) and also 720 p (HD) streams. Just some assistance 1080 p software program transcoding. However below is a checklist of current Synology NAS designs that sustain equipment transcoding of as much as H.264 2160 p (4k) video clips.

The CPU, RAM and also Networking capacities of the above designs can differ dramatically and also contrasting them runs out the range of this write-up. Nevertheless, every one of them can being a superb media web server for Plex

Advised Design: DS918+

Synology DS918+ media server for Plex

Synology DS918+ with Equipment Transcoding for Plex

My suggestion is the DS918+ version if you can manage it since it permits a number of RAID choices, expandability if required, and also equipment transcoding for Plex for simply around $550 Furthermore, there is assistance for Docker and also Virtualization, which can prolong the variety of offered applications dramatically.

A spending plan choice now is the DS218+ version, which just sets you back concerning $300

Ideal Plex Customer Instruments:
  1. NVIDIA GUARD TELEVISION Pro Residence Media Web Server – $19999 editors pick
  2. Amazon.com Fire TELEVISION Streaming Media Gamer – $8999
  3. Roku Best+ 4K UHD – $8399
  4. CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Full Beginner Package – $6999
  5. Xbox One 500 GB Console – $26499

2. QNAP– NAS for Plex Media Web Server

QNAP is one more significant gamer in the NAS service with a number of qualified designs and also software program assistance comparable to Synology ’ s. QNAP ’ s offerings can be frustrating. They have many designs. Furthermore, they likewise launched the high-performance TVS collection that load extremely effective however reliable Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 cpu with as much as 32 GB of RAM.

Several of the designs also consist of 10 Gbps networking user interface, which is 10 times the data transfer offered in many generally offered customer NASes now.

One more advantage of QNAP (over Synology) is the accessibility of HDMI port for video clip out. Synology NAS is just offered via the internet user interface.

Keeping that stated, below are several of the QNAP media web servers with Plex assistance for equipment transcoding 4k video clips.

Below are some high-performance TVS Collection designs that likewise sustain 4K video clip equipment transcoding.

Advised Design: TS-453 BE

QNAP TS-453BE media server with Plex Hardware Transcoding Support

QNAP TS-453 BE NAS with Plex Equipment Transcoding Assistance

My suggestion is the QNAP TS-453 BE version, which approaches the Synology DS918+ version suggested above. It features 4 bays that can be broadened to 9 bays. Double GbE network user interfaces. Unlike the DS918+, this QNAP version likewise includes 2 HDMI ports and also a PCIe development port that provides a great deal even more upgradeability (consisting of a 10 GbE network adapter).

3. TerraMaster– NAS with Plex Media Streaming Web Server

TerraMaster has actually acquired appeal as a spending plan NAS for Plex in addition to a general-purpose NAS. Like Synology and also QNAP, it is easy to configuration, and also sustains Plex equipment transcoding for 4k video clips.

TerraMaster is a current gamer and also there are very few variations/models, that makes it simple to choose what one desires. Like QNAP, TerraMaster NASes likewise consist of HDMI port, so you can link the NAS to a TELEVISION and also utilize it as a media gamer.

TerraMaster offers a couple of designs with variants of quad-core vs dual-core CPUs, 2 GB or even more RAM, 2xGbE or far better network, and also a lot more. Below are some designs that can be fantastic media web servers with Plex equipment transcoding assistance. I suggest a minimum of 4 GB of RAM and also as a result just the 4GB or far better designs are listed here.

Advised Design: F5-421

TerraMaster F5-421 with Support for Plex Hardware Transcoding

TerraMaster F5-421 with Assistance for Plex Equipment Transcoding

I suggest the TerraMaster F5-421 version that approaches QNAP TS-453 BE and also Synology DS918+. For $50 minimal than the last 2, the F5-421 version sustains 4k video clip transcoding for Plex, while likewise acting as a fantastic general-purpose NAS. Actually, if I were to redesign points, I would most likely choose among the TerraMaster designs noted above.

4. Nvidia Guard TELEVISION Pro– Pre-built with Plex Web Server Assistance

We have actually gone crazy concerning the Nvidia Guard TELEVISION formerly as the most effective Plex customer. Nevertheless, the Guard TELEVISION has respectable Plex web server equipment and also can likewise operate as an excellent Plex web server.

Having stated that, Guard TELEVISION has restrictions and also is not a suitable media web server for Plex. It can most likely do 2 simultaneous transcoded 1080 p streams. Any kind of greater resolution or variety of streams can trigger streaming issues and also reduce.

Nevertheless, if you have actually video clips inscribed in among the Plex straight play sustained layouts and also a Plex customer efficient in straight play, after that the Nvidia Guard TELEVISION can be an excellent Plex web server– particularly if you currently have a Guard TELEVISION.

Nvidia Shield TV 2020 - A decent Plex Media Server

Nvidia Guard TELEVISION 2020– A suitable Plex Media Web server

The Guard TELEVISION does not have sufficient storage space onboard and also the version with added onboard storage space is bad worth in my viewpoint. As a result, the most effective strategy would certainly be to keep media on a USB storage space gadget and also make use of the Plex media web server on Sheild TELEVISION for offering.

5. Raspberry Pi 4 Design B– Do It Yourself Web Server for Plex

Till 2019 Raspberry Pi was not a fantastic choice as a web server for Plex media web server. It can not transcode any type of video clip. That altered lately with the launch of Raspberry Pi 4 Design B, which sporting activities a quad-core ARM v8 64- little bit SoC, as much as 4 GB of RAM, Gigabit Ethernet, and also USB 3.0 ports.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B has the hardware for a good Plex server

Raspberry Pi 4 Design B has the equipment for an excellent Plex web server

Raspberry Pi 4 can route play 3-4 simultaneous streams. Nevertheless, transcoding is restricted to concerning one 720 p stream. This is bad and also contrasts adversely to several of the pre-built NAS Plex web servers noted above. Certainly, the rate of a Raspberry Pi is likewise almost 5 to 10 times much less.

Is Raspberry Pi effective sufficient for Plex?

With a good Plex customer that sustains 4k straight play and also an excellent air conditioning system for the Raspberry Pi, you must have the ability to obtain great usage out of the Pi as an inexpensive Plex web server.

Exactly how to configuration Plex Web server on Raspberry Pi 4?

Formerly, one can mount Plex media web server on Raspberry Pi as explained below. The present technique I suggest includes the adhering to short actions:

  1. Mount Raspbian Stretch Lite OS
  2. Install Docker and also Docker Compose– Docker Media Web Server Overview
  3. Install Plex Media Web server making use of Docker

Unless the price is a concern, my suggestion is not to choose a Raspberry Pi 4 as a media web server with Plex Much like the Nvidia Guard TELEVISION, it is not created to transcode high-resolution video clips that prevail today. Also a 5 or 10- year-old laptop computer will certainly do far better as a Plex media web server.

6. Intel NUC i7– Partly pre-built media web server for Plex

I went crazy concerning the Synology DS918+ over as an excellent Plex media web server with equipment transcoding capacity. I was making use of the DS918+ as my main Plex web server for over a year considering that my relocation from an HTPC NAS Combination to a NAS + Residence Web server remedy.

Intel NUC BOXNUC8i7BEH1 with Linux Mint 19

My Intel NUC BOXNUC8i7BEH1 with Linux Mint 19 and also Plex Media Web Server on Docker

Nevertheless, my media requirements expanded (variety of streams, showing to close friends, video clip resolution, and so on) and also in some cases I discovered the NAS to be having a hard time a little bit. Now, I determined to relocate Plex to my Docker media web server on Intel NUC i7. You can find out more concerning my wise house configuration below.

My Intel NUC 8 utilizes an Intel Core i7-8559 U cpu, which has a PassMark rating of 12,222 This is simply sufficient to transcode one 4k SDR stream, without equipment transcoding made it possible for.

You might keep your media in an exterior storage space gadget or shop it in a NAS like I do and also install the NAS drive from another location on NUC for Plex to grab the media.

Intel NUCs use no upgradeability and also regrettably are not future-proof. It is, nonetheless, a tiny, effective, and also energy-efficient media web server for Plex.

7. Customized Developed Plex Servers

Making a Plex web server from specific elements is challenging. Nevertheless, none of the choices noted over can match the performance/price proportion of customized Plex web server develop.

You will certainly need to choose the ideal components that work with each various other to develop your web server. This needs understanding and/or substantial research study. Many times you could discover suitable specific elements to buy as a combination bundle, which can streamline your look for Plex web server develop.

One more choice is to search around PCPartsPicker for builds pre-made by various other customers.

Advised HTPC/ Residence Web Server Develops:

If developing a Plex web server from the ground up appears overwhelming, you might likewise select among the pre-assembled Plex web server develops such as the Dell PowerEdge line or the Lenovo ThinkSystem line.

Dell PowerEdge T30 - A good choice for Plex Server

Dell PowerEdge T30– An excellent option for Plex Web server

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the choices noted over the only NAS choices for Plex web server?

No. The NAS boxes noted above are great general-purpose NAS tools for house or small companies that can likewise do 4k streaming on Plex. Plex has actually done a remarkable task of summing up the bazillion makes and also designs of NAS tools out there and also their anticipated efficiency for Plex streaming.

Is Plex the most effective media web server?

This is extremely subjective. Plex seems a lot more refined (Emby a close 2nd). Jellyfin is one more choice and also is being proactively created. Both Emby and also Jellyfin exceed Plex for IPTV streaming. Nevertheless, with the complimentary ad-supported films, Plex seems an extra full house media streaming remedy now. [Read: Plex vs Emby: A Comprehensive Comparison]

Last Ideas on Best Media Web Server with Plex Assistance

As you can see there are numerous paths you can require to configuration a media web server with Plex. The option boils down to set you back, time, convenience of configuration, streaming need, and so on that match your requirements.

If you are a tinkerer and also require adaptability for expansion/upgrade and also desire your Plex web server to do greater than simply offering web content, after that certainly take into consideration developing your very own system. In this manner, you likewise reach extol what you constructed (do not discount this:p).

If you are trying to find a tool to keep your media and also offer it, and also your streaming requirements are simple (1-2 transcoded streams) after that might be just one of the NAS tools noted above would certainly be adequate. In my viewpoint, the Synology DS918+ is just one of ideal NAS for Plex media web server.

If you are simply trying to find an inexpensive method to configuration a media web server for Plex, have great Plex customers, and also all your media remains in Plex-friendly style after that choose the Raspberry Pi 4 choice. Additionally, you can make use of among your old laptop computers and even get an utilized laptop/desktop from Craigslist or Ebay.com at a comparable rate factor.

Lastly, make certain to have a look at our Docker media web server overview to configuration several of the Plex friend applications such as Tautulli (tracking Plex task) and also Ombi (take ask for Plex).

I wish that this overview assists you find out what course to absorb your mission to discover a media web server for Plex streaming.

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