Where Can I Buy Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

Where can I buy Garcinia Cambogia extract? If you happen to be one of the people who is questioning  this, then you come to the right place!

Our research on the subject brought us to two brands which are sold in the USA and UK markets. These brands have been getting raving reviews from real users, and most of them profess to have lost a considerable amount of weight within a very short time. Below mentioned are these two brands.

1. Pure Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim

This product is mainly sold in the USA market (ship to US). It is carefully produced in a GNP certified lab without any filler. The product contains 60% Hydroxycitric Acid. Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim helps to suppress your appetite more potently than most of the other brands.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia ExtractThe product is 100% natural, making it one of the few brands that is being sold in a pure form. You get this 50% OFF when ordered together with their hCG package. There are no side effects reported by anyone using the Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Slim brand.

Cons – You need to wait at least a week and a half to two weeks, before you see some sort of results in your weight loss goals.

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2. Garcinia Pure

Garcinia Pure is mainly sold in the UK market (ship to UK and also US). It contains 100% Garcinia Cambogia and is caffeine free. There is a highly potent 60% HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) content for effective weight loss. The 30 day money-back guarantee will help you to try the product risk free.

pure garcinia cambogia

The product contains 1000 mg per capsule which is equal to pure Garcinia Cambogia. There are many positive reviews about the product on the web. Most of the users claim to have lost considerable amounts of weight within a short amount of time. Not having a free sample offer was recorded as a disadvantage by some online users.

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What Could You Expect?

Most of you may prefer to buy a brand that has numerous positive reviews from real users, and a product that was tried and tested by them personally. This is what you get when you buy Garcinia Gambodia directly from the manufacturers’ website. When you choose a high-quality product online, this is what you can expect.

  • You will feel more energetic
  • You won’t feel hungry like earlier
  • A slight difference could be seen on the scale in a few days
  • You may notice the inches lost in your waist within a fortnight or so.

Garcinia Cambogia extract has been touted as a miracle weight loss supplement by none other than the celebrity physician Dr. Oz. The product has been getting some raving reviews from its users on the Internet and off the net lately.

Where Can I Buy Garcinia CambogiaThere are users who claimed to have lost 15 lbs, 30 lbs and even more within a few weeks of using this product. The best thing is that the lost weight stayed lost and didn’t return in a few weeks of stopping the supplement. That is because Garcinia Gambogia helps in losing real fat and not water weight as many other weight loss products would have done.

Most of the other so called “weight loss” products have helped people to lose weight in a few weeks. However most of the lost weight would return once the supplement is stopped. This is where Garcinia Cambogia differs from the other popular weight loss products in the market.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Hydroxycitric_acidThe hydroxy citric acid (HCA) in Garcinia Cambogia extract aids in weight loss by performing two important actions. One, is by helping to block fat and the second is by suppressing the appetite. Your body needs a key enzyme (Citrate lyase) to make fat from carbohydrate, and HCA blocks fat by inhibiting this enzyme.

HCA also suppresses your appetite by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is needed to make you feel happy. When you are depressed, you are driven into emotional eating or binge eating.

How Much Garcinia Cambogia Do you Need?

garcinia cambogia pillsThe first thing to check is if the product you buy is completely pure. You don’t need too many fillers in your supplement. You should check as to who sells Garcinia Cambogia in its purest form, and where to find Garcinia Cambogia that has a hydroxy citric acid concentration of at least 800 mg. Anything lower than that will not be that effective in giving the best results in your weight loss efforts.

You should not buy Garcinia Cambogia which includes fillers such as niacin, preservatives, guarana and additional caffeine. These fillers will dilute the effectiveness of the product and cause unwanted side effects.

Another Places Where You Can Buy Garcinia Cambogia

Most people are asking the question of where I can find Garcinia Cambogia. There are people who had gone to Walmart to buy the product and come back empty handed because they did not have the product in stock. Even people who went to Walgreens to buy the product reported that the product was out of stock there.

garcinia cambogia storeMost of the people who gave positive reviews about the product had purchased the product through online e-commerce sites. More than 90% of the users confirmed that buying the product online saved them valuable time, as well as, a considerable amount of money. This is good news for people who are questioning about where to buy Garcinia Cambogia.

When you purchase the product online, you buy it directly from the manufacturer and avoid the middleman in the process. This helps to save money and get a full money-back guarantee for the product. Your local pharmacy will never give you such guarantee. Furthermore, these websites are trusted websites and are completely safe to purchase the product.

The other advantage is that you can order Garcinia Gambogia from anywhere in the world through the website of the product manufacturer. Buying directly from the product website will also give you other bonuses such as a full diet and workout program to complement your weight loss efforts. This is great news for people who were toiling with the question of where to find Garcinia Cambogia.

So again, where can I find Garcinia Cambogia extract? Our above mentioned information can help to answer your question.

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