The 3 Best HCG Drops – What Everybody Ought To Know

So you have found out about HCG drops or at least heard the rumors. You must have or you would not be here looking for information on the best HCG drops in the market. 

hcg dropsNo matter what you may have heard, read or seen that left you with questions regarding this controversial weight loss approach, you will find the answers that you need here.

We will start with the most obvious question and meander along from there.

What is HCG?

Best HCG DropHCG is the easy way to both remember and pronounce Human Chronic Gonadotropin. Say that 3 times fast.

What HCG is may be a bit more difficult to understand.  HCG is found in molecular biology. We just lost some of you right there. Skip to the next question if this describes you.

After the act of conception, there is a component of a fertilized egg known as a syncytiotrophoblast. This component produces a hormone known as HCG.

What makes this a good choice for dieters?

Many times, people who are obese turn to HCG drops as a diet. This is because of a few factors actually.

First, this is an all natural way to lose weight so for those who like things that are all natural, this is a good choice.

Second, people can lose from half a pound to two pounds each day when using these drops.

Third, there is no exercise recommended with these drops in a diet plan.

What are the best HCG drops to buy?

There are three different types or brands of HCG drops on the market.  They are as follows:

HCG Complex HCG Triumph HCG 1234
HCG Complex Diet Drops HCG Triumph HCG 1234

Each brand listed above is a link that you can click on for more information on each specific one.

How do I know which are the best HCG drops on the market?

Most of the time, people should look for HCG drops that have the most sales and positive feedback from customers. The brands we mentioned before are ones of the most rated.

You can also talk to your physician regarding this type of diet option and what would work best for you.

Another good option for obtaining this type of information is to look up published results of double blind, independent studies.

What makes the best HCG the best?

Well, that question is going to have a different answer for each person. What works well for some will not have the same effect on others.

Are there pure HCG drops?

Yes, there are…however, HCG works best when mixed with a tiny bit of alcohol. The reason for this is that with the alcohol, they are absorbed into the bloodstream in a much more efficient manner which allows them to go to work much faster.

Is there an official HCG diet?

There are actually quite a few. Again, talk to your doctor about this or do some research and discover your own diet.

However, it must be said that the way these drops work is that they cause you to not have an appetite or want to eat. That said, when most people take these drops they end up ingesting as few as 500 calories each day.

That right there is a killer diet!

What is official HCG?

Official HCG is HCG that is all natural.

What does liquid HCG do?

Liquid HCG drops get into your bloodstream and go to the various parts of the body that tell your brain that you are full and want nothing else to eat.

When your brain gets this message, it can make you not think about food and you will definitely not be hungry or have the diet breaking cravings that plague us all.

Are there easy HCG drops?

Yes there are. They are called Easy HCG drops. This is one of HCG products that quite popular in the market.

What are 1234 diet drops?

This is a specific type of HCG drop. These and the Easy HCG drops are two of the most highly reviewed and rated drops on the market.

How do I find reviews on HCG 1234?

You will get so many HCG 1234 diet drops reviews online that it will be difficult for you to read them all…at least in one sitting. It is recommended to contact the merchant directly for real investigation as they will definitely have the most appropriate answers for you. HCG 1234 has quite excellent support. You can contact them straight away at 877-744-1224 or either visit their website here.

What can HCG 1234 drops do for me?

HCG 1234 drops can make you lose weight. As with any other diet pills, it is imperative that you seek the opinion of your physician before starting any sort of program.

This is especially true if you are currently taking any sort of prescribed medicines…even if it is just birth control or allergy pills.

I you have any sort of condition such as pregnancy, heart disease or diabetes then it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you consult the advice of your physician before you even consider this as an option.

More importantly, if you are pregnant, common sense says you don’t diet when you are pregnant.